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Richard is an experienced and qualified composer from Glasgow who writes diverse, imaginative and professional scores for film, television, games and advertising. He started his professional career In London whilst studying for a BMus Hons in music at BIMM and The London College of Music, recording and performing with all genres of artist as a musician, producer and songwriter. During this time, he had the experience of  working with Hollywood composers, such as Patrick Doyle, and media composers, such as Tom Howe, Adam Bird and Kevin Webster.  After graduation, he travelled the world performing and recording music with all types of ensemble, from pop groups to big bands and string quartets to opera. He eventually returned to Scotland and officially launched his composition studio in 2016, combining his experiences of ensemble work and his study of film composition.

Richard has written music for short films, feature films, worldwide networks, major platform games and corporate adverts. As a producer, he has co-written, mixed and produced artists from reality TV show The Voice, film songs, albums, E.P’s and debut singles by upcoming songwriters throughout the UK. Richard’s goal is always to challenge and go beyond what is expected from a musical work, and commonly creates hybrids comprising traditional elements with the alternative and electronic. No sound is left unaltered, and much of the style of his compositions uses advanced techniques which he has developed as a composer. The goal is always to create diverse and sonically uplifting works which create an imaginative experience for the listener and deliver a unique professional score that satisfies all avenues of media production. Full colourful orchestrations and attention to character can be found within all his works.

Between composing and production work, Richard also writes articles about composition, adaptive scores and production techniques, and continues his services as a performer, as well as teaching sound production for education centres throughout Scotland.