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   Featured Work   

Featured Work


Richard Hunter is an award winning film, games and TV composer. He has worked on both feature and independent productions for international screenings such as Lifetime Network, KidsBeeTV, Moonbug and BBC Scotland, composed multiple scores for highly acclaimed and award winning productions such as Thomas & Friends, Watcher in The Woods, Cool School, Wild is the North, CricketPang, Dirty Water, SOCO, Demonologist For Hire and many more, created soundtracks and music assets for console, PC and mobile with games such as Legends of the Brawl, Drop Zone Galaxy and The Mighty Claw. Richard has also received awards including “Best Music” for his scores at various film festivals and several other nominations.

He writes, produces and engineers his works at his recording studio Barclay Curle Audio, Glasgow UK. A well-educated musician, he has directly collaborated and learned from the industries best such as AAA composer Patrick Doyle, Adam Bird, Tom Howe, Kevin Webster and Kyle Riabko. He uses both his experience as a composer and producer to create works that bridges the gap of traditional composition to a contemporary view, in other words music that any audience can love and identify with.

Richard loves working with people with really engaging and creative ideas, as he feels this creates a canvas to create works that are really innovative, or in his own words music that is beyond the horizons.







Eric De Cordova (Director and Producer, Driver Digital)

"Exceptional! Love how you opened with a fun rollicking cinema theme and then gradually brought in darker notes as the Diesels are seen. The "industrial" elements were very well done as well and a great new sound for us." - Season 28, Return Of Diesel (18.05.2017)


"Thank you Richard! Matt and I adored this. You took us on quite the journey it was lovely seeing your light and fun stuff only be followed by such a riveting and exciting danger theme!" - Season 29, Thomas & Super Station (21.08.2017)


"Awesome as always and quite the journey! From the light and funny theme in the steelworks to full-on action adventure. Thanks so much!" - Season 30, The Big Steel Run (02.10.2017)

"Thanks so much! If they ever make Gremlins 3, you'd be perfect. Feel so seasonal and fresh!" - Season 31, Steelworks of Scares (15.10.2017)

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