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Into the Score- Water Rats

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

“The tale of two young boys who spot a strange creature by a river. When they start to provoke the creature, they are confronted by a mysterious stranger”

The direction for this score was to create an unsettling and eerie atmospheric score throughout. An attention to early themes and uses of atmospheric ideas had to be referenced for key cues in the film. My goal for this score was to create tension and a continuous rising sense of dread by using dark sound design and audio manipulation techniques. Most of the score consists of pulsating rhythmic ideas mixed with atonal tonalities to create a haunting theme throughout. For melodic ideas, I recall recording many synths, sometimes using one unique aspect to that synth and manipulating them together using gritty production and manipulation. This type of score had to be communicated with the director regularly as the right feel and tone was essential for conveying the right message for the film. Sometimes the smaller the composition idea was the most effective solution as the story itself stems from a simple idea and plot. I had great fun composing this score and sound manipulation is something I always feels enhances the score further. Feel free to check the music with the following link. Hope you enjoy!

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