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Into the Score- Demonologist For Hire “Exorcism For Beginners”

“A priest is given an anonymous tip to visit a derelict house. Upon arriving he finds a man possessed by a powerful demonic spirit. Sensing an incredible evil, the priest calls the Demonologist for help with the exorcism.”

This is an 80’s inspired comedy horror series that I am scoring episodes throughout this year and last. My goal for these episodes is to use influences commonly found in 80’s music and horror. There is a certain retro charm to the 80’s, particularly with use of the synthesiser, which I wanted to experiment with for much of the textures. For this particular episode, I wanted to use a modular synth set up for all sound design and tension elements, whilst using distorted and gritty textures from 80’s synths and acoustic instruments to create a modern sense of horror. There is a notable exorcism scene at the end featuring a blissfully unaware segment played by the main character, I wanted to bring a whimsical feel using the orchestra but then dwelling into heavy styles as the timeline of the scene progresses. This is the type of score that I love doing as I love everything John Carpenter and the 80’s, check out the score with the link below and hope you enjoy the music!

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