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Into the Score- Demonologist For Hire “The Case Of The Residential Evil”

“The owner of a large, beautiful country house is being mentally tortured by disembodied, demonic voices that seem to know his every move, his every thought. When the Demonologist arrives he discovers that not only does the house have some terrifying secrets, so does the owner!”

This is the third episode from season 2 and featured guest actor Eric Potts from Coronation Street fame. As with most episode of DFH, much of the music uses influences from B movies from the 80’s. The use of low-fi and gritty synthesizers are featured throughout most scenes with various types of audio manipulation used in conjunction. This was a little bit more challenging than previous episodes as much of the scenes have an underscore approach, meaning much of the music has to support dialog and be careful not to muddle the scene. There is a slight nod to the resident evil game soundtrack with much of the low cello and synth sounds, however as the episode is based in a huge mansion, a reference to the Shinning soundtrack can be heard during “Mansion” as a small cameo feature. This episode had a lot of comedy cues so the use of the orchestra and traditional scoring was also used to highlight the dialog and states of characters as additional support. Anyway feel free to check out the score using the link attached, hope you enjoy!

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