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Into the Score- "Who Moved My Penguin?"

“'Who Moved my Penguin?' is a story about seeking refuge in a world with both cruelty and kindness“. Directed and animated by Adam Oliver, who has done work for projects with BBC, Adult Swim and various other animation networks in the UK, the short uses a unique animation art style that is something I always enjoy composing to. The direction and story is children based, but uses real life themes within the story mostly about the current immigration issues found in today’s world. The music uses scene transition motifs to depict the change of view from the monkey character. Much of the instrumentation uses a traditional scoring method, however there are different hybrids of contemporary music with world instrumentation to represent the diverse cultures of the two main characters. Had a lot of fun creating the music for this one, feel free to check it out using the link below! I’ll be posting a link to the actual film soon as well.

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