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Into The Score- Wild Is The North Theme Song feat Katlynd Shields

“Britain, 30 years before the Battle of Hastings when the Vikings ruled Britain. But a storm is brewing when there is word of a mass invasion from France and King Cnut sends his messenger to find the King of Scotland telling him his King wants to meet on a diplomatic mission knowing that the island is going to change forever.”

The song itself is featured in the film as well used for the promotion. I met up with Katlynd Shields Katlynd during the spring of 2018 to discuss and start arranging how we were going to develop her song to fit to picture. Katlynd already had a strong vision on what she wanted the song to be, so after recording her guitar and vocal parts with her lyrics, I set out to create an arrangement that followed a strong Celtic, Folk and Ballad style. Much of the arrangement uses instrumentation that is found in the score itself, for example the use of specific low register woodwind instruments such as the bass recorder was used both for this song and a lot of the melodic motifs found in the film. There is a strong sound of Celtic drums for much of the accompaniment with low choral chants, signifying the barbaric nature and timeline of the score. The period time of the film all influenced the way this song sounds and I was happy with the direction and impact it had on the film. This song was actually composed well before I received the film, therefore creating this arrangement early on, helped influence the direction and sonic goals for the film during the scoring process. Attached is the link to the song, feel free to check it out! Will post further details about Wild is The North and score soon! Hope you enjoy!

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